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Biking and walking

Hike or take the bike for a day tour and picnic, or choose one of our classic hiking trails.


Sörmlandsleden is Sweden's oldest natural and cultural hiking trail, which is well liked and admired by most people in the hiking society. The trail is suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers since it is divided into several different stages.

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hike in our naturE areas

There are many exciting nature areas in the municipality of Nynäshamn, which are perfect for shorter as well as longer hikes. You can find maps at Nynäshamn Visitor Center.

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The photo shows Käringboda nature reserve.

Nynäsleden AND kustlinjen

Nynäsleden runs between Stockholm and Nynäshamn. If you don't want to bike all the way, you can bring your bicycle on the commuter train. Kustleden runs from Nynäshamn through Södertörn and across the islands in the archipelago. Trail maps are available at Nynäshamn Visitor Center.
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Hälsans stig

Thanks to every kilometer on Hälsans Stig being marked by a kilometer sign, you can count the distance you are walking. The trail in Nynäshamn is 6 kilometers long and the one in Ösmo is 4 kilometers long. Get the map via the link below or pick one up at Nynäshamn Visitor Center.

bicycle rental at SAILOR INN

Rent a bicycle and pedal off on an adventure! We have bicycles for both children and adults. The area in and around Nynäshamn offers many beautiful places to visit by bicycle. If you want to go on a longer tour, you can go to the country side of Sorunda or the cliffs on Strandvägen.



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